Bescon Slate Impression Mats


Slate impression mats are especially designed moulds made from high quality materials.

When the mats are pressed into freshly poured concrete, they give a luxurious effect by accurately reproducing the look of natural slate, stone, brick. or timber.

The mats are available in a large range of patterns. Please note that these are made to order and take up to 5 business days to produce.

ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)
Ashler Stone Black590590
Ashler Stone Green590590
Ashler Stone Red590590
Ashler Black550600
Ashler Green550600
Ashler Yellow550600
Ashler Black Large610610
Ashler Green Large610610
Ashler Yellow Large610610
Bluestone Black460740
Bluestone Green460740
Border Edge810310
Caeser Stone Black12001200
Caeser Stone Red12001200
Colonial Green800740
Colonial Yellow1070740
Colonial Red490325
Colonial Soft Black265240
Crazy Slate Black690690
Crazy Slate Red690690
Flagstone Black450740
Hexagon Red495740
London Cobble750435
Octagon Yellow595595
Random Stone Black740740
Random Stone Green740740
Slate Tile630740
Soft Green500500
Soft Red430430
Timber Deck Black1800275
Timber Deck Green1280275
Timber Deck Red1500275
Timber Deck Soft Yellow1280275
Timber Plank Black1820285
Timber Plank Green610285
Timber Plank Red1205285
Timber Plank Soft Yellow610285
Walkway Black875440
Walkway Yellow875440
Walkway Green875440
Walkway Red875440

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Ashler Black, Ashler Black Large, Ashler Green, Ashler Green Large, Ashler Stone Black, Ashler Stone Green, Ashler Stone Red, Ashler Yellow, Ashler Yellow Large, Bluestone Black, Bluestone Green, Border Edge, Caesar Stone Black, Caeser Stone Red, Colonial Green, Colonial Red, Colonial Soft Black, Colonial Yellow, Crazy Slate Black, Crazy Slate Green, Flagstone Black, Hexagon Red, London Cobble, Octagon Yellow, Random Stone Black, Random Stone Green, Seamless Red, Slate Tile, Soft Green, Soft Red, Timber Deck Black, Timber Deck Green, Timber Deck Red, Timber Deck Soft Yellow, Timber Plank Black, Timber Plank Green, Timber Plank Red, Timber Plank Soft Yellow, Walkway Black, Walkway Green, Walkway Red, Walkway Yellow