GP Epoxy Flooring System

Available in a 9 litre kit, please call your nearest store for product pricing.


Epoxy resins are one of the most versatile concrete coating solutions that can be used in a variety of application environments across a wide range of industries including industrial (commercial) and residential flooring, food and chemical production areas, and concrete repair. As a multi system binder, Bescon GP Epoxy Flooring System can be used for most seamless epoxy flooring applications including trowel applied systems, self-levelling systems, slurry, broadcast, roller/squeegee applications, flake flooring and as a general purpose primer and binder.

Bescon GP Epoxy Flooring System is very low odour, non-flammable and may be used for most industrial and commercial flooring applications including those in food processing plants.

GP Epoxy Flooring System utilises state of the art thixotropic polymers that do not impact on the resin flowability and finish. These thixotropies allow for a self-smoothing application, easier mixing and reliability in relation to colour and gloss level consistency.

Available in 9 and 30 litre two-part kits (larger sizes available on request).