Bescon StaynCrete Concrete Stain

Turn dull grey concrete into a stunning stained surface.

  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litre


Bescon StaynCrete is an unique acid-based staining system for new or old concrete that allows you to create your own individual design. So get creative and create your stunning individual surface! It won’t chip, fade, crack or peel.

It is suitable for walkways, shopping centres, restaurants, and garage floors. There are no limitations, only your imagination.

StaynCrete achieves an excellent coverage of 7 to 10 square meters per 1 litre, but this may vary depending on surface texture or depth of colour required.

Additional information

Weight 0.0000 kg

Black, Brown, Copper Green, Earth, Sandstone, Terracotta, Walnut


1 Litre, 5 Litre

Surface Preparation



Your surface should be clean and free of all foreign matters, grease, fungus, sealers, dust, loose toppings etc.

A cleaned surface will maximize bond. If concrete has been sealed, remove sealer with Bescon Sealer Strippa, follow Sealer Strippa guidelines.

Remove Grease And Oil Stains: wet area with hot water then apply Cleanall scrub with a broom on and around area for a min of 5 minutes, keep moist at all times, DO NOT allow to dry, then rinse off. Repeat if necessary.
Remove Tyre Marks: use Bescon Markz off as per application guidelines.
Remove Moss Or Fungus: dilute bleach 1 to 10 parts water in a watering can, apply over the surface and allow to penetrate for a minimum of 2 hours. Rinse off using a high pressure water blast, repeat if necessary.

Application Guide

Prior to application, ensure walls, and surrounding areas are covered to avoid overspray. Ensure surface is completely dry.

Always do a test patch. If the test patch is too dark, dilute StayneCrete acid to water for a lighter shade.

Apply StayneCrete by either roller, brush or spray. If applying to a large area it is advisable to stain approximately 150 mm from wall using a brush or roller, in a circular motion. Then apply to the entire area using a plastic hand spray, evenly and quickly as possible. Avoid overlapping areas.

After spraying using a stiff nylon broom, brush in a circular motion, to ensure even coverage. Allow at least 4 hours between coats. Rinse or wipe off the residue after 12 hours or next day, allow to dry then apply two coats of concrete sealer to enhance the colours, protect and add durability to the surface.

For interior applications use Urethane or Bescon Epoxy WB or Epoxy SB. For Exterior applications use Bescon StaSeal Premium High Gloss. All sealers are to be applied as per their application guidelines.