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Concreters Warehouse Sales™ (CWS™) has been the leading force in the innovation and retailing of Decorative concrete products for over 20 years, we are an Australian owned and operated company.

Concreters Warehouse senior management have dealt with concrete on a daily basis over many decades, setting about perfecting methods that enhance the aesthetic appeal of concrete, without compromising itís structural strength and low maintenance capabilities.

Today CWS sells a complete range of products for the application of Slate Impression Paving, Stencil Pattern Paving, Spray-on Paving, Exposed Aggregate and Coloured Sealer for both new and existing concrete areas.

Since 2005 the CWS concept has now been turned into a retail Franchise operation and is actively growing the brand and distribution through franchisee operated stores.

As a result, the product range is constantly being reviewed and now includes concrete finishing equipment & machinery from manufacturers around the world.

CWS offers products for all styles and methods of decorative concrete as it promotes an extensive range of Coloured Toppings, Release Agents, Clear & Coloured Sealers, Coloured Pigments, Stencils, Impression Mats, Trade Tools and Equipment.

CWS actively promotes the following five systems:

Slate Pave™ (Slate Impression paving):

Achieved by using various Coloured Surface Hardeners, Sealers, Release Agents & specially designed Mats to create a Slate, Stone or Brick effect in fresh concrete.

Finta Brick™ (Stencilled Pattern paving):

Another alternative to plain concrete incorporating the use of various Stencil patterns and Coloured Surface hardeners to give the grouted look of Cobblestone or Brick paving in fresh concrete.

KotaCrete™ (Spray-on & Stencilled paving):

A decorative Concrete Re-Surfacing System that transforms existing concrete into a Durable Anti-Slip, Safe & Decorative Surface utilising Stencils & Coloured Toppings to give the look of Cobblestone or Brick paving.

Exposed Aggregate:

The combination of applying a retarding agent to the surface and a coloured oxide in the concrete mix with the aggregate, produces a beautiful exposed stone finish.

Coloured Sealer:

A penetrating acrylic based solution that is UV stabilised, water resistant, dust proof and comes in a range of colours and clear for a quick D.I.Y. facelift that lasts.

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